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April 4, 2010

Mancora, primera experiencia Peruana

After Guayaquil I continued my journey with my new travelling partner Michelle. We took the cheapest bus possible that would take us accross the border and on our way to our next party town Mancora. The cheap bus was not the best idea, it stopped to pick people many times, it was hot and it was like a regular city bus with people standing for most of the ride. We were also a little bit scared since this is supposed to be one of the hardest border crossings, because it is dangerous, there are muggings and the immigration officers seemed to cause problems. To increase our fears, the security officer that was riding on our bus and checking people for weapons leaves the bus right before we get to the border.

Thankfully the border crossing went really well and we were even able to enjoy a delicious ice-cream while we waited for the bus to pick us up. As we crossed into Peru there was a clear change in the natural landscape, less and less green and more desert hills and we got closer to Mancora. Michelle had been to Mancora the previous year and one of her friend´s mom had a hostel called Laguna Camp where we stayed.

Michelle and I in the Tuc-Tuc on our way to the hostel

Laguna Camp

Staying at the Laguna Camp was great, we were so close to the beach and having Michelle as my partner in crime was perfect. We woke up every morning, went for a beach run and sit-ups session, had a healthy breakfast, smoothies, hung around during the day, layed in the hammocks,  had our daily Ceviche and juice, and went for afternoon swims. It was really nice to have a schedule again, be healthy, workout and have a partner to do it with. Even though Mancora is known as a party town, we did not party at all, it was a relaxing and great time of enjoying the beach and each other´s company without having to get too crazy.

Michelle letting me make my first hairwrap ever!!!

Satisfied costumer

Our local restaurant where we had Ceviche and Maracuyá juice

While in Mancora I received an e-mail from Max Goldstein saying that the Junior Lifeguards program that he had started in Lima would be ending that week and inviting me to come take part. I was really excited to see the amazing work he had done and decided to leave Mancora and head south towards Lima. But before I decided to make a few nature and ruins stop in northern Peru.

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  1. Hi Julia, I'm glad you had fun at Camp Laguna. I'm the owner of Laguna Camp Coqui with Pilar. Thanks for your comments and hope you come back to visit soon. greetings and good waves